A photo of the Pandering Afterglow Dice set from D20collective, a metal dice set with green and pink sides, against a white background. Next to the dice are the worlds 'Gifting Dice' in stylized letters in alternating red and green colors

The holidays quickly approach, and so does the deadline to find the perfect gifts for your friends and loved ones. If someone you love is into tabletop roleplaying games, one of the best choices you can make for them is a new set of dice (or 3)!

The selection of these dice, though, can be tricky. Especially if you aren’t as familiar with TTRPGs and gaming in general. If you’re looking for a little help, here’s a few things to consider.


What Game/ TTRPG Are They Playing?

An image of the Polar Depth 10d10 Dice Set from D20Collective. The dice are all10-sided, with blue and white swirls and black lettering, atop a white and blue background

Different tabletop games require different dice sets, so the first thing you’ll want to establish is the type of dice that your loved one will be able to use.

Dungeons and Dragons uses the standard 7-piece variety set. It’s the most common, since DnD is so popular, and the easiest to find. They might also vary requirements by edition, too. 5th edition, for instance, often calls for the use of two 20-sided dice, while older versions make more use of extra 6-sided dice.

And while DnD is the most common, there are lots of other games, too. If they play Fate, Fudge, or Monster of the Week, they’ll want a set of multiple d6s. Other games call for only d10s. If they play Mutants and Masterminds, all they need is one 20-sider. Some even require specialty sets, and you might have to find sets made specifically for their RPG.

D20Collective’s Set Options:


    What Kind of Gift Are You Buying?

    There are a few different types of gifts you might be looking for – an under-the-tree wrapped gift, a tiny advent calendar filler, or even a stocking-stuffer to hand above the mantle. Each of these calls for a different type of gift, of varying price ranges and customizations.

    Advent Calendar Filler Dice

    A photo of the Fire In A Bottle miniature dice set bundle from D20Collective. Several sets of semitransparent dice in yellow, orange, and red are spilling from a small glass jar with a ribbon around the neck. A cork stopper sits next to them against a white background.

    To fill an advent calendar, you’re going to want something small, and potentially something with variety too. In this case, I’d recommend miniature dice (which can come in a great variety or colors and styles, just like normal sized dice), or a bulk set to stretch throughout the whole of the month. My choices from D20Collective would be Fire in a Bottle or Bountiful Blues.

    Stocking Stuffer Dice

    A photo of the dice set Titania from D20Collective. The dice are a shimmering, swirling green and pinkish-red, set against a light wooden background

    For a stocking stuffer, you want a solid option that isn’t too expensive, and not too big or too heavy (so as not to weigh down the stocking). Most standard acrylic and resin dice sets would work perfectly for this. They don’t need to be too personalized, since stocking gifts aren’t necessarily as intimate as other presents. A simple winter or holiday theme is perfect. My choices from D20Collective would be Titania or Midnight Flurry.

    Under-the-Tree Wrapped Gift Dice

    A photo of the dice set Feywild from D20Collective. The dice are made of layered multicolored wood in alternating colors of red, pink, and green. They are pictured laid across a colorful book cover

    These are the hardest dice to select. Carefully chosen, carefully wrapped, and carefully placed beneath the glittering tree, these dice will probably need to be something more personal to their recipient. A favorite color, a fancier material, or even a set named for an in-joke are good. These gifts tend to be a little pricier than individual sets usually run, so metal, wooden, gemstone, or fun-shaped dice are good choices, often in conjunction with other gaming paraphernalia, like miniatures or maps. My choices from D20Collective would by Infinite Affection and Feywild, perhaps paired with an Arcanist's Leather Journal or a Kelnys Dragonkin Miniature.


    What Kind of Characters Do They Play or Like?

    A photo of the Goblin's Stash dice bundle from D20Collective. It features a large grey dice bag, 4 smaller velvet drawstring pouches, and 20 sets of varying colors arranged in front of them. They are set against a white background

    The most important thing to consider for any gift is what the recipient is going to like. They’ll want to play with the dice that you give them, so it always helps to put some thought into the kind of character that they’re playing in their games. Choose colors that fit with their design, or names that match their favorite gemstones. Most gamers are always glad to show off their character art, or tell you all about them, so asking for some information won’t go astray!

    If you don’t want to risk hinting at their gift, here’s a few suggestions.


    Do You Want to Include Anything Other Than Dice?

    As I mentioned before, there are plenty of other accessories that can be gifted alongside dice or a tabletop gamer. Not only are these items just as exciting to receive, but they’ll also bulk up the size of your gift, since dice are a small gift in terms of space-taking.

    For Game Masters (the people writing and running the game), more maps, screens, and miniatures are always an excellent option (you can go to the D20Collective pages for any of these categories by clicking on their words in this sentence). And their players will thank you, too, since they go to making the game more fun for everyone.

    For players, dice boxes, dice bags, and dice trays are awesome choices. Plus, they can be used in conjunction with those brand-new dice they’ve just received from you! (As in the previous paragraph, just click on the words to be taken to the pages) 

    A photo of the Interplanar Travelers Leather Journal from D20Collective. The journal is a brown leather journal with tooled detailing and small stones on the cover in each color of the rainbow. A latch holds the journal closed. It is laid on a wooden table with a Dungeons and Dragons book open to a page on the Elemental Planes


    Looking for a suggestion for a dice set to gift someone? Feel free to ask for some advice in the comments below, and D20Collective is always happy to help! Or, if you’ve received D0Collective dice in the past, which were your favorite sets?

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